Until July 15, 2017, a 50% discount applies to all confirmed orders*.

Business to Business Leads…


I provide a list or lists to a client in less than 24 hours. The list(s) are emailed in Windows and Mac Excel format, and our clients also have download access that contains both Windows and Mac Excel files. The downloads remain available for up to a year should the client need another copy.

Leads are $2 Canadian for each complete lead, which is shown above. Minimum order is 25 leads and the maximum is 500 leads per run. If the email address and/or the telephone number is not provided for a lead, the fee for that lead is $1.50 Canadian. I have found that the contact information is almost always available on the lead’s Facebook page or their website. Thus I provide the address for both so our clients can access their sites quickly and retrieve the email and telephone number as necessary.

All orders completed online require first a quote, and then payment by credit card. If other arrangements are requested, I will discuss it with the client.

You may obtain a quote using this form…

+1-289-296-2460 | chuck@camroux.com

*To participate in the discount, the ordered list(s) must contain a total of 200 results. This can be a combination of more than one list, but all ordered at the same time.